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I am a Health Coach based in Malta and this is My Story

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

I believe that we are all a constant work in progress and there is no finish line.

My story is not only about weight-loss. This is a story about personal growth, a shift in mindset and definition of my purpose which is my guiding light in life.

My purpose is to support those around me become a better version of themselves as I continue doing the work to become a better version of me. This is my Why.

My aim in writing this is to be open about my journey. I want to be relatable. It hasn’t been short or easy. And it’s ongoing. There are struggles, I have fallen off the wagon. I work at it. I changed my mindset from one that focuses on the finish line to one that focuses on the here and now. My journey. I’d like to inspire and motivate where I can and help those who would like to get on a healthier path so as to feel good, have their brains switch on and eventually look good too. The journey is dopamine filled, exciting and fun. The best part about it is that we are always in competition with our current selves, can make endless improvements to our minds and bodies. This is ongoing and there is no finish line.

This is my wellness story. How I felt through the years and how and why I have invested my energy into becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

This journey was put into first gear when I clearly identified my WHY: My purpose is to support those around me become a better version of themselves as I continue doing the work to become a better version of me.

I hope we can inspire and learn from each other.

I hope our paths will cross soon,


Lisa in 2009, 86 kg

Life-restricted; Food unrestricted; Lived at moms or at dads;

Troubled relationships; Did not enjoy going out of the house as was very low confidence; Did not feel well or healthy; Did not like mirrors; Weighing scale was the forbidden truth; Wore only black; Food was comfort and not nutrition; Exercise was a foreign concept;

De-stressing involved partying;

Sleep was not a priority; Did not feel like I was enough; Too comfortable in my comfort zone;

Not comfortable being me.

Lisa in 2021, 67kg

I try to balance. It’s sometimes a struggle; Daily decision to eat well and exercise; Look forward to bonus meals and wine; Learning to propel myself out of my comfort zone every occasion I can; Mirrors are my friend; Weighing scales are a guide but not bible; Have 3 squares of dark choc daily with coffee Never miss a work out. It lights my brain up I set boundaries with family and friends Nourishing relationships

I meditate and journal to destress I am so enough I’m healthy strong and happy I’m living my purpose I have so much to be thankful for Feeling good mostly and Loving life

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Becky Schrader
Becky Schrader
Dec 18, 2021


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