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The MAGIC of carving out time for YOU!

Updated: May 19, 2022

My day with ME at the stunning Phoenicia Malta

The health of our mind has an immense impact on the health of our body and vice versa.

Being able to deal with the stressors in life is one of the biggest factors conducive to a longer and healthier life span. I get patients who feel guilty carving out time for themselves and see it as another addition to their never-ending to do lists. The truth is that without caring for ourselves, we are not giving ourselves permission to show up in the best way for ourselves, in our relationships, at work etc. Shift your perspective on the guilt and know that carving out time for YOU will contribute to a happier, more productive and successful life!

We are not able to pour from an empty cup!

With my patients we work on cultivating tools to build stress resilience for their overall better health. We do that in two ways. Building healthy habits over time which turn into something consistent and part of routine and one off treats which allow them to plan and carve out time for themselves when they most need a time-out. I have found that a combination of these is MAGICAL for our wellbeing.

Read more about my tips and tools for active stress management here. Today I am writing about the magic of carving out time for ourselves and those one off treats which reinvigorate us and can mitigate the harmful effects of our stressful lives.

I myself am currently dealing with tremendous amounts of stress with 2 persons in my immediate family suffering from debilitating mental health conditions and a demanding, stressful work environment simultaneously. Now, more than ever I truly needed a day to myself and after meeting an inspirational lady named Robyn Pratt for a coffee, who is also the GM at the Phoenicia, she gave me the idea to have a day with ME and my book at the gorgeous Phoenicia, Malta.

The day started off with a coffee on the terrace of the Phoenix Restaurant, overlooking the incredibly well-kept Phoenicia gardens and bastions. I was welcomed by the lovely, accomodating Sandra and this was followed by a relaxation massage by the gentle, French lady Claire at the Deep Nature Spa which is hosted by the dedicated Violeta. From the moment you walk into the spa the scents and sights take you on a relaxation journey which is a feast for the senses. Post massage, with wobbly legs and a bed head I made my way to the facilities which consist of a pool a salt room, sauna and steam bath. What can I say, spoilt for choice.

The second part of the day was no less relaxing. I took a spectacular garden walk to the Bastion Pool. This is the kind of garden which you would wish would go on forever with hidden nooks and crannies which seem to be carved out for peace and quiet, reflection and meditation. The Bastion Pool itself is difficult to describe in words. To me it is Malta's TOP location for a relaxing day by the pool with a spectacular view in the midst of the rich Maltese history they have done such a great job highlighting - The Gardjola. Lunch time was idillic in the same setting with a menu to cater for all. I picked the burratina salad with some yummy halloumi fries on the side.

The outcome of this day for me, was as if I hit the reset button. I truly switched off and interesting ideas came to my mind. What's more is that I had an opportunity to practice what I preach and filled up the glass I so freely pour out from. Glass now full, I can show up as a better version of me and write about this here.

Have a look at the video walkthroughs hereunder, to relive this experience with me.

Have a look at their current offers & packages here and more info on the Bastion Pool, bar and restaurant package here.

My Day with ME - Part 1 - Deep Nature Spa <3

My Day with ME - Part 1 - The Bastion Pool, Bar & Restaurant.

I hope this little piece I put together inspires you to carve out that time for yourself and make it guilt free! That way you can show up as a better version of you, one day at a time!

Should you be interested in my health coaching you, get in touch here


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